It was mid-summer, and my brother in law was about to get married. So we decided to party little hard before that, with all the bachelor party fun, including the weed, strippers, slots, booze, beautiful landscape and all at fair prices.

Considering the fact, only one place came in to my mind that can be perfect and fulfil all the criteria, i.e. The Thailand. Although as a general rulegambling is not legal in Thailand, however it is in the nature of the south east region people to bet and being fun loving type of person.

Since Gambling is a major source of income for the black economy, including drug trafficking, tax evasion, and prostitution. So in order to fulfil the needs and make tons of profit as well, the neighbouring counties of Thailand have grabbed the opportunity. And what they have done is just amazing that way they have tackled everything by increasing the state revenue, promote tourism, and creating new businesses and jobs and how they did it?

They did it by setting up casinos just across the border of Thailand. So we made it clear that we will be going to Thailand and not anywhere. Reaching there we really enjoyed the cheap booze, the exotic island, hey we also did scuba diving there. After all this nature fun, we hired a cab and get to the Cambodia after crossing the border. And there we were in the casino drinking beer and having fun. Being in an Asian country, there were games based on the themes of Asia. I played “Untamed: Bengal Tiger” there and really enjoyed it as well, which is a non-progressive video slot machine with 5 spinning reels and many combinations to win. We also enjoyed some other services like massage parlours, beauty salons, exercise rooms and saunas and really had the best time of our lives.