Games are the interesting part of our life. I too fond of these either they are online or playing them in a casino on a slot machine. Once upon a time when I was on a tour with my friends, we were enjoying a lot but soon they all slept when we reached there in the night after having our supper. Now I felt bored so I decided to play these. I started searching for the games. At the end I found a Mad Hatters. When I saw it, I came to know that this was based on the movie Alice in the Wonderland. I became so much excited to play this because I remembered the tea party in the movie as I watched it previous night. I saw the characterized things there. So I prepared myself to play the Mad hatters.

Now I have options from different casino sites as they were providing multiple offers. Like 30 free spins or free dollars etc. Now I have to collect information to play this, as that was new for me. Then I came to know that mad hatters was a 5 reels, 30 payline slot machine with free spins, scatters, wilds, bonuses and great jackpots. The main concern in this is that the wild symbol mad hatters which provide more options to win big. In this there are bunny symbols scattered on the reels that will activate the free Spins Bonus play. They will win up to 50 free spins according to the scattered symbols. The winnings are paid according to that. The other symbols which was scattered on the reels to activate the bonus chance and one can win thousands of coins. One has the options of choosing an extra wild symbol to better the odds of winnings.

Let’s move on to the symbol that gives you the winning combinations. This symbol was more important to me because I was eager to win more. This symbol can be substituted for other symbols to create winning combinations. The Mad hatters slot machine, which has buttons that control play (i.e. To activate the lines, to place bets and to spin the reels. You can also use the expert mode to speed up the reels. It’s easy to win an instant win.

I was completely lost when I first started to play. I began to win more. As it went on, my eagerness increased. Now, I must win the $50,000 jackpot. My friends saw me win and started betting. It was a great day, and we won many times. It was a game I played every day when I had extra time. You will forget about all the others you have tried.